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We are SunshineKGoods, your new one-stop shop for all your KPop needs!
Located in Seoul, we offer our time and services to get you the merchandise you need.

SunshineKGoods was founded when Sunshine discovered her strange passion for queueing for merchandise at concerts and decided to put it to good use by helping others get some goodies as well. Now, she offers limited pre-orders for concert merchandise, which she personally queues for, and will even run around Seoul as your own personal shopper!

SunshineKGoods is run by fans and avid collectors, so we know price, quality and care are important. That’s why we strive to never charge ridiculous amounts and package all goods as securely as possible. And of course, we offer shipping wherever the post is willing to deliver it!

If you’re curious to know what artists Sunshine likes, she likes Yoon Jisung, Pentagon, Seventeen, DAY6 and HNB!

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